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We're Pretty Sure FORM Arcosanti Wasn't a Desert Hallucination Because These Pictures of It Rule

The third annual Hundred Waters-curated mini festival played host to jaw-dropping performances from Four Tet, D∆WN, Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, and more.

All photos by Rocco Avallone

This past weekend, the Hundred Waters-curated mini festival FORM Arcosanti convened for its third year. The gathering was almost twice the size as last year's, with about 1,200 people and acts spread over three stages (although sets never overlapped). Despite noticeably more brand involvement, FORM kept the easy-going, altruistic vibe that makes it different from other festivals. Everyone is equal at Arcosanti; your favorite artist has to stand in line for the porta-potty just like you.


It was mandatory for everyone to stay on site for the full three days, and the first day kicked off with tent setup before Autre Ne Veut played the main stage ampitheater, singing his heart out, as usual, and ending up in the middle of the crowd. Other sets that night included Mija and Bonobo, as well as Four Tet and Skrillex joining each other onstage.

Day two sets included a tightly choreographed performance from D∆WN, who took the stage wearing an outfit straight out of Mad Max's insane sci-fi world, and Bing and Ruth, who played a somber set on a baby grand piano on the edge the cliff. Skrillex hopped in a poolside DJ booth for his Beats 1 radio show broadcast.

Saul Williams delivered a short but powerful three-song performance before Moses Sumney blew everyone away, getting the first standing ovation from the crowd I'd seen all weekend. The night's highlight, though, may have been Dan Deacon: The crowd was particularly open to his antics, forming a human tunnel around the main stage amphitheater and joining in the "Simon Says" dance battles. Hundred Waters were next, followed by the surprise act Local Natives, who tried a bunch of new songs before a series of crowd-pleasing old favorites.

Day three was solid, with sets from Bill Callahan, Thundercat, Tortoise and Juliana Barwick. But nobody matched the energy of Perfume Genius's explosive set. Check out photos of the distinctive desert sculpture installation and the weekend's otherworldly performances below:


Day One

Autre Ne Veut:


Ryan Hemsworth:

Four Tet:

Skrillex and Four Tet:

Day Two


Bing and Ruth:

Lydia Ainsworth:

Skrillex Pool Party:

Empress Of:

Moses Sumney:

Saul Williams:

Dan Deacon:

Hundred Waters:

Local Natives:

Day Three


Bill Callahan:


Tyondai Braxton:

Perfume Genius:

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