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Coldplay Alert! Here's a Previously Unreleased Four Tet Remix of Coldplay's "Fix You"

Here's an unheard remix from 2005 that will ignite your bones!
February 27, 2015, 3:56pm

It's an indisputable fact that, ranked in tears, Coldplay's "Fix You" is the greatest song of all time. What other piano ballad reaches such heights? Don't argue with me. I'm certain in this. Someday, lights will guide you home to the truth. Maybe that day is today.

Coldplay, the greatest band in the world or at least all of the United Kingdom, just put out a NEW VERSION of "Fix You." It's a remix by Four Tet from 2005, the year the song first came out, but it was never released. According to Coldplay's Twitter, Jon Hopkins recently debuted the song on his BBC Radio 1 show. So now you can listen to it on the internet. It is the same except more Four Tetty, which means… more restrained, I guess? Maybe you will find that this is the version that makes you understand the song. Maybe you will find that this is the version that illuminates how great the original version is because all a musical "mastermind" like Four Tet could do was make it worse. Look, it's up to you. I can't fix you. But this song? It will ignite your bones.

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