This story is over 5 years old.

Shana Falana's New Track "Heavenstay" Is a Sparkly Dream

Shana Falana's new track seriously feels like taking a dive headfirst into a refreshing pool full of sparkly pink reverb pedals.

Beautifully layered harmonies and droned out drums drive Shana Falana's upcoming shoegaze-y record. Hailing from New York, she and drummer (and boyfriend, #OMG) are set to release their first full-length, Set Your Lightning Free, on April 7 via Team Love Records. Although this is her debut, she previously released a collection of demo recordings titled Shana Falana Sings Herself to Sleep through an Indiegogo campaign. Ms. Falana is a magician who can make any song recorded on a phone sound amazing. I guess that's how shoegaze works though? Is this the future? IS THIS IT? It's weird to think that people made this type of music before the existence of smartphones. Below, we're premiering her new clean, sparkly jam "Heavenstay" from her upcoming record–and if you're enjoying it, be sure to check out her SoundCloud.