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This Chillwave Remix of the Seinfeld Theme Is Real, And It's Spectacular

The Seinfeld theme song, but modarn and also retro at the same time.

I'm going to go ahead and make a proclamation, and that proclamation is this: Seinfeld is probably as cool as it's been since it was on TV, and this has 40 percent to do with the @Seinfeld2000 twitter account, which takes time out of each day and imagens what Seinfeld might be like if it were still on TV today and had not been canceled by NBC due to low ratings. It's helped us remember that Seinfeld was both dope as fuck and that our own existences are increasingly framed within technology and modarn references. Maybe we should remember that the next time we think about Gerge buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 4—he's not buying a contemporary smartphone from the 2000s, he's trying to buy back a loaf of his soul.


ANYWAYS, Seinfeld is hot again. Wale got Jeffy Seinfeld to narrate his Album About Nothing, George Costanza is an unlikely style icon, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus was just in a Old Navy commercial, which definitely means something. The point is that Seinfeld might not be still on TV, but it's more in our consciousness than ever before, which might just be the most truly modarn way of bringing it back.

To wit: Soundcloud dude /\belard took the Seinfeld theme, flipped it, and turned it into a little chillwave jam. It's kind of depressing to think about the fact that the most modarn thing you could do to a song that was popular in the 90s is to make it sound like 2015's version of the 90s. But, eh, whatever. More importantly this is real, and it is spectacular.

So now, let's all have some fun and imagen Seinfeld, but chillwave. Would Krame switch to a paleo diet? Would Jary record all his jokes to four-track? Would Elane quit her job as the senior digital editor of xoJane to start an Etsy store exclusively selling flower crowns? Would Garge get the same glasses as Toro Y Moi, or would he just shoehorn a triangle into his name? Would Bob Sacamano turn out to be an acid dealer? It's all possible thanks to the power of your imagenation!

Also, this:

OK Im defenitely going to Coachela this year

— Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) January 6, 2015