Get the White Wine Out, Big Narstie and Craig David Just Performed "When The Bassline Drops" with an Acoustic Guitar

It's majestic and life affirming.
January 6, 2016, 2:52pm

By now maybe you've heard Craig David and Big Narstie's smash UK single "When The Bassline Drops," but you've not heard it like this. The pair took to the BBC Live Lounge earlier today to perform a stripped back version of the track and, not gonna lie, it's beautiful. As a guy in the background lightly flickers the strings on an acoustic guitar, a feeling of ambience settles on the track, shifting it from a late-night club banger toward a sound that rekindles memories of every time someone performed a song on the guitar in secondary school and students left class with tears in their eyes and a newfound sense of purpose. Which is to say: "When The Bassline Drops (Acoustic Live Lounge Version)" is majestic and life affirming. It's worth it even just to see Big Narstie tone things down a little bit, like he's cooing to a glass of white wine.

Watch below: