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Feel Psychic Death in Plague Vendor's New Video for "Jezebel"

Get on the new wave before their upcoming record 'Bloodsweat' drops March 25.

Plague Vendor is a punk band out of Whittier, CA that bends and bruises the idea of punk as much as possible. Today, the band is announcing the release of their second full-length record Bloodsweat, due March 25 on Epitaph. The record is a major expansion of their sound, showing the band getting fully comfortable with the space they occupy between punk and death rock. Their new track "Jezebel" is a great example of this, showing the band taking more time per song than their previous record Free to Eat. Singer Brandon Blaine comes into his own with gusto, his voice carrying swagger and attitude that was hinted at prior.


The video directed by Sabrina Ratté and shot by Everything Is Terrible! shows the band playing at frenetic speed while psychedelic, strange visuals pop and perplex the viewer. The overall effect makes the video feel like finding a smashed VHS from your cousin's collection, trying to make sense of whatever the fuck you're watching. It's a controlled chaos that perfectly matches up with the band's playing.

Kill your eyeballs to the new video, and pre-order your copy of the record right here.