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"It's a Love Story": Watch Our Interview with 'Montage of Heck' Director Brett Morgen

Watch the Kurt Cobain doc on HBO tonight.

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Guys! Today is the day. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, screens on HBO— tonight at 8 PM. If you don't have a subscription to HBO, then beg a password from anyone you know, or go see it in the theaters right now. That's advisable really because hearing Nirvana songs blasted out at the movies at top volume sounds so damn sweet.

We interviewed the director of Montage…, Brett Morgen, for Noisey last month, we've run thinkpieces on this doc too, but guess what? There's more to say on the subject of this doc and more to learn about the process behind it. So we hooked up with him for a video interview the other week and you can watch it above. It was a surprisingly emotional chat. Especially when we got talking about Frances and the first time her and Courtney saw the film in full.

The Oscar-nominated filmmaker was allowed unfettered access to the Nirvana singer's archives, stitching together an unflinchingly intimate portrait of a man which includes never before seen artwork, journal entries, and incredible home videos, from Cobain as a child right through to mere months before his death. Montage… also features interviews with the singer's family members on camera for the first time ever. We talked to Morgen about the legacy of Cobain, his paradoxical nature, the women in his life, and the daunting task of accurately portraying a man so revered.