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Premiere: “Sisters” from White Hex’s upcoming ‘Gold Nights’

Jimi and Tara talk about their latest dark pop gem.
June 3, 2014, 4:24am

Tara Green and Jimi Kritlzer are White Hex . “Sisters”, the latest pearl to drop from their forthcoming album Gold Nights, has a slow and minimalist cool that brings to mind an 80s Vogue advertisements, dark synth pop, and looming heartbreak.

When Tara asks, “Is there an end in sight for us tonight?” it’s with such detachment you know she’s already calling a cab.

Following on from “Paradise” and “Gold”, the third track released from Gold Nights (produced by Alex Akers of Forces) is the closest to the Melbourne duo’s 2012 debut Heat.


Noisey: “Sisters” sounds more like the first album. What is the story behind the song both musically and lyrically?

Jimi Kritzler: “Sisters” was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and was a transition of sorts as we explored elements of Italian disco, mutant techno, and the more lethargic tropical goth music of the first record.

There is the line, “You are no good for me" Is this directed to anyone in particular?

Jimi: You would have to ask Tara but whenever I hear it I always assume it is about me, but perhaps that is self-indulgent and narcissistic.

Tara Green: Most of White Hex lyrics are simply exaggerated stories of different times in my life. No, it is not particularly about you Jimi, although there are definitely aspects of inspiration from you in there.

Do you think the release of the album will help put an end to HTRK comparisons, or are you resigned to the fact that this will continue for an Australian duo releasing dark, electric pop music?

Jimi: Critics are always going to rope you in with some genre or another band. Ultimately if the critics who compare us to HTRK had a wider knowledge of the history of music then they would put two and two together and realise the artists who we are actually influenced by, of which HTRK is definitely not one. Ultimately, as you said, it is a lazy comparison.

Tara: It seems only Australian critics occasionally like to reference HTRK which I think they do for lack of a wider musical reference point which says more about the critics than it does us. White Hex is Jimi and I making sounds that are a reflection of our life and if that needs to be critically assessed and compared than so be it.

'Gold Nights' is released June 24 in Australia through It records and Felte internationally and will be launched in Melbourne June 28 at the Liberty Social.