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Don Caballero Is Crazy Pants, Stream A Long Lost Track From The Band's Early Days

From 1991, and still ahead of you.
May 28, 2014, 6:44pm

No offense and hate all you want, I am not a fan of Pittsburgh. OK, they do have those sick-ass sandwiches with the fries in the middle and it has been the home to some really killer bands over the years. No, not fucking Donny Iris or some shit, I'm talking about bands like Aus Rotten, Kim Phuc, Zombi and the math-rock pioneer geniuses in Don Caballero.

Don Cab has gone through many iterations over the years, but now the first one is immortalized in the new LP Five Pairs of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero recorded in June 1991. The 2LP set, laid to tape prior to For Respect and less than a year into their existence, contains a download from their second live show ever in 1992 as well as a pair of new tracks. Noisey is proud to stream "Schuman Center '91" for the first time below, beside a promo video for the new effort. Order yours via Chunklet.

Don Caballero - Five Pairs of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero

Side A


1. Schuman Center ‘91

2. For Respect

3. Subdued Confections

4. Belted Sweater

5. Our Caballero

6. First Hits

Side B

1. Waltor

2. Lucky Father Brown

3. Puddin’ In My Eye

4. Rocco

5. My Ten Year Old Lady Is Giving It Away

Bonus download:

Look At Them Ellie Mae Wrists Go!: Live Early Caballero



Belted Sweater

Schuman Center ‘91

For Respect

First Hits

Our Caballero

Subdued Confections

Lucky Father Brown

Puddin’ In My Eye

My Ten Year Old Lady Is Giving It Away