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Oasis Have Reunited! But for a Film Not a Gig

Noel and Liam have agreed to work together on a forthcoming documentary, from the creators of Spike Island and Amy.

Every summer the same Oasis reunion rumours are released into the mills, sent on their merry way to scream into internet traffic until someone takes notice. Inevitably, it always always amounts to nothing more than a fake guitar case photo at Glastonbury, and the last time the two brothers actually created anything in tandem remains 2009.

Finally, it looks like there will be an Oasis reunion of sorts, but maybe not the one everyone truly desires. Liam and Noel have agreed to work together on and star in a documentary film about Oasis by British director Mat Whitecross. The Gallaghers will share their memories for the film's production team, and the band's record label Big Brother Recordings have already agreed to give the producers full access to the Oasis archives.

In fact, it's in the hands of quite the music movie super squad; Whitecross himself directed the Stone Roses themed fiction Spike Island back in 2013, and he'll be joined on this film by Asif Kapadia, as a producer, whose recent success with Amy has cemented him as a music storytelling don.

Everyone will be hoping the film can prize open the gritty details of their life as a band, from their formation to their complex and often batshit crazy relationship as brothers. And it's already confirmed that it will include a lot of footage from in and around their famous 1996 2-nighter at Knebworth. Me personally, I just wanna know if Liam really did think that if you put a silver spoon in milk in the fridge, like you do with champagne, it would stop it from going off.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2016. If you're psyched about this, then you should probably watch our exclusive filmed conversation with Noel from earlier this year, as part of our British Masters series.