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What Did People Think Of Kanye's Video Premiere For "New Slaves"?

Over the weekend Kanye was busy projecting his new single onto buildings worldwide, what did people think?
May 22, 2013, 11:00am

Last Saturday, while half of the world had Carlsberg making love to their livers, rap megalith Kanye West was busy premiering his latest video by projecting it across buildings worldwide. Because a Noisey premiere obviously wasn't enough (rude) and the global projection-on-wall approach is the epitome of viral buzz. The new track – entitled "New Slaves" – was showcased on a total of 66 buildings across the globe in ten different countries over the weekend after 'Ye posted the details of each showing via his website. The anti-establishment tirade low blows the likes of the DEA and the CCA with lyrics like: "Fuck you and your corporation, y'all niggas can't control me" and it forms part of Kanye's new LP, allegedly titled Yeezus and out on June 18.


One of the places deemed culturally adept enough was Shoreditch High Street's Overground Station in East London and according to Ye, things were kicking off at around 11:45pm. We went along to see whether anyone in the crowd actually knew what was happening as well as catching some Mystic Meg-type thoughts on the new album.

Tyler, Robert, and Kevin

Why are you guys here?
K: To see Ye. Yeezy as they call him apparently.

Think that's the nickname, yeah.
K: It's the premiere of his new music video "New Slaves".

What are you expecting?
R: Some bitches twerking, that's what I'm trying to see.

K: Something artistic, something to step the level up.

T: Let's be honest, it's Kanye. It's going to be something amazing.

K: I would be pissed if he brought us all out here to show us an old song. I'd unfollow him on Twitter.


Claire, Rachel and Esme.

What do you think is happening here tonight?
R: No idea.

C: We were literally just walking by and found this.

E: I think Beyonce might be giving birth to her new baby.

Just here on the street?
E: Yeah.

That would be a massive spectacle if a baby just dropped from somewhere…
E: That's what people think happened with baby Ivy Carter. People say Beyonce didn't birth herself…

R: I think it's Eurovision related.


Samantha and Andy.

What do you guys think of this whole Kanye charade?
A: I like it, it's creative.

Is it what you expected?
S: We didn't know it was happening.


So what are you expecting from the new album?
A: G.O.O.D Music was good, so I'm hoping he'll keep it up. He's been wiling out recently though.



What do you know about tonight?
S: I know there's a Kanye screening and we had a choice of about eight different venues but we chose this one.

What were you expecting?
I was expecting history to be made.

Did the projection match your expectations?
It was better. The diversity of the crowd was cool as well, I thought we'd just see black people.

What are you expecting from the album?
Well, Kanye always delivers. I expect it to be cinematic, huge and controversial.

Has Kanye gone mad?
I think the album is called Black American Psycho so I think it's a marketing ploy to fit the character.


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