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Glastonbury Is A Paradise

Drag queens, death threats, giant wooden dildos and everything else you'd never see on BBC Three.

Time slows down at Glastonbury. The best laid plans of indie fanboys and Time Out reading poetry appreciators come grinding to a halt as people find themselves wasting four hours just sitting on a hill listening to someone play a thumb piano. The only place immune from this is the Glastonbury press tent, where hundreds of writers and photographers rush furiously between stages and back to their laptops, to bring you photos of Alexa Chung from every angle with lightning speed.


We wanted to show you Glastonbury at a different pace, so we sent our photographer William Coutts (who did an ace job last year) down with a few film cameras and let him loose. On Monday he found a weird old bloke in Somerset to develop them for him and now here they are.

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