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Listen to an Old-Ass Song from Anti-Flag’s Demo

For all you punx who only like their old stuff.
December 4, 2013, 4:10pm

The longer you stick it out as a punk band, the longer you’re susceptible to people trying to take you down. They’ll call you sellouts, they’ll call you posers, they’ll say they only liked your demo. So you can imagine how much shit Anti-Flag, who have been around for 20 years, have taken in their time.

Well today, we’re giving those true punx what they want: an unreleased song from Anti-Flag’s demo tape. The band recorded it in ‘92 and called it 17 Songs even though it only had 11 songs on it (math is not very punx). The Pittsburgh band is finally giving it a proper release in the their 20 Years of Hell 7” subscription series made up of old and rare Anti-Flag material.


Below is the song “I Hate People Like You” and yeah, it’s pretty good but uh, we like their demo’s demo. The one that they thought about recording but never did. You probably never heard it.

Also, A-F Records has their

entire catalog available online for name your own price