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Listen to Blue Sky Black Death's "II" Featuring Child Actor from 'Glaciers'

The Seattle duo delivers a lush track from their upcoming record, 'Glacier.'
August 19, 2013, 4:46pm

Throughout a career filled with collaborations with Nacho Picasso and Deniro Farrar, Seattle's Blue Sky Black Death has been quietly producing some of the lushest and most progressive beats in the game, strangely blending the worlds of shoegaze, prog-rock, and hip-hop. Come October 1st, they'll release their fourth LP, a 5-song joint called Glacier on Fake Four. That's the official artwork above, and below, check the tracklist and listen to the first cut from the album, a swirling 11-minute epic featuring Child Actor known simply as "II." (If you didn't guess so, it's the record's second track.)


Glaciers is out October 1st on Fake Four.

1. I (feat. Child Actor)
2. II (feat. Child Actor)
3. III (feat. Lotte Kestner)
4. IV (feat. JMSN)
5. V