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Premiere: Listen to Holograms' Sophomore Album, 'Forever'

The Swedish punk band turn it up a notch on their sophomore album.

As you might be able to tell from the cover of their second album, Forever, Holograms are not messing around. The Swedish band are a lot like the gnarly William Bouguereau painting which adorns it—a swift knee full of synth-rock into your lower back, a big old handful of hair and post-punk, and a huge bite of melodic energy to the throat.

Holograms have often been likened to fellow Scandinavian punks, Iceage, but comparisons could be easily be made to Wire or even Joy Division. Forever is the type of album that feels like it could’ve been released today or 35 years ago. Well technically, it’s being released next week. But you can stream it right now in its entirety below.