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Watch The Creases' New Video "Static Lines" and Think About How Much Unrequited Love Sucks

Some love songs are sad love songs.

The Creases’ new music video “Static Lines” begins with—you guessed it—static lines crossing the screen. From then on, it’s textbook love song material—almost. Filmed at a party in Brisbane, the video's whirl of colored lights turns the party into a dreamscape. The band plays. The crowd jumps up and down. Lead singer sees girl. Singer pines after girl, only to see her stolen from him in the middle of his song. Harsh, dude.


There’s crowdsurfing and drinking, and the whole thing is wonderfully nostalgic of every song about love ever. Except, you know, the sad kind, that doesn't quite work out. What does work is this song.The Creases may be new to the game, but they’ve clearly got a good handle on making jangly guitar pop that sticks in your head.

Sometimes you want to blissfully wallow in the sting of unrequited love. When that happens, reach for a pint of ice cream and play this on repeat for the next three hours. Shhh, it’ll all be ok eventually.

“Static Lines” will be on The Creases’ debut EP, Gradient, which is out July 25 via Liberation.

Aliza wants to hold the lead singer of The Creases’ hand and tell him everything will be ok. She’s on Twitter—@AlizaAbarbanel


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