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Listen to Their / They’re / There’s Grammatically Correct New EP

They're on fire on their new EP, so there.
December 3, 2013, 4:10pm

Photo by Ryan Russell. Mismatching socks by Evan Weiss. When you name your band Their / They’re / There, it really puts a lot of pressure on people to not screw up the use of those words. But unlike your aunt Carol’s Facebook rantings about our socialist Muslim President, we think we can manage this. Their/They’re/There are an emo supergroup of sorts. THERE are a few members of the band you might recognize. THEY’RE Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), Mike Kinsella (Owen, Cap’n Jazz), and Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships). THEIR second EP, Analog Weekend, is a wonderfully off-timed, dizzying three songs. THERE is something so instantly likeable about THEIR songs. Maybe its the complexity of those wacky guitar solos. Or maybe it’s the familiarity of the sounds you might recognize from THEIR other projects. Whatever it is, THEY’RE doing it right.


Listen to Analog Weekend below and brush up on your basic third grade grammar. Take that, aunt Carol.