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The Unstoppable Death Machines

Tod took some photos of Unstoppable Death Machines, Gull, and a bunch of crowdsurfing papier-mâché aliens and robots.

Unstoppable Death Machines are two brothers who play spazzed-out, Technicolor punk rock. They’re one of our favorite bands, and this past weekend they destroyed everything at the Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn. The performance was part of an interactive installation called “Space Time Contiuum,” which was in turn part of an ongoing series called Synaesthesia.

The series focuses on the relationship between visual and musical thinking—bands collaborate with artists to create spaces surrounded by sound. For this exhibition, Drew Toews (AKA Fake Money) and Unstoppable Death Machines collaborated to create an interactive sound/light relational exhibit. Also pictured is a one-man band called Gull, who performed in a roomful of masks made from junkyard leftovers. There were also tons of papier-mâché aliens and robots around—they were eventually crowdsurfed around the room and torn apart by the crowd, revealing their guts of balloons and glitter. Tod Seelie was around to document the evening—check out his photos of this epic night.


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