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Watch Youth Decay Get Abducted in The Middle of Nowhere With "Hysteria"

The Vancouver band learns not to get in random people's trucks and drink unknown substances, the hard way.
February 12, 2016, 7:22pm

My high school teacher once told me about how he hitchhiked all the way from Toronto to Nashville. He also mentioned that nowadays, the times are different and anyone who is crazy enough to walk that for that long is probably asking to "get kidnapped." Vancouver New Damage Records punk band Youth Decay's music video for "Hysteria" perfectly shows you why my high school teacher was right. The band's van breaks down in a desolate road as a sketchy red pick up offers to drive the vocalist to find help, except he doesn't get help at all. The comedic music video doesn't have dialogue but is replaced by lyrics from the song sprinkled throughout the video.


"We chose to work with our good pal, director Sean Shaul at Prairie Coast Films." Youth Decay explains. "He did an awesome job of creating a creepy and humorous storyline with a cool aesthetic that is quite original."

*Check the band out on their upcoming Canadian tour with Silverstein:

Mar 2nd - Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick
Mar 3rd - Saskatoon, SK @ O’Brians
Mar 4th - Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
Mar 5th - Calgary, AB @ Marquee
Mar 8th - Vancouver, BC @ Imperial

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