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Check Out the First Song from the Holy Mess’ New Album

The bearded Philadelphia weirdos are back.
May 13, 2014, 1:48pm

Philadelphia’s weirdest gruff punks, the Holy Mess, have returned whether you like it or not! Comfort in the Discord, the follow-up to the bearded ones’ 2012 debut, Cande Ru Las Degas, will be out on July 29 and you can pre-order it from their wonderfully URLed website, They’re self-releasing this bad boy and have got some grossly colored album artwork from Steak Mtn to go with it. Recommended if you like: Iron Chic, being a dick, not living up to your potential, the Flatliners, slacking, Off With Their Heads, waking up in a hallway at Fest, the Dopamines, fucking up.


They’ve released a video for a song from it called “Spencer Reid” which you can check out below. It’s not even two minutes long though so you’re gonna have to pre-order Comfort in the Discord if you want more. They’re also hitting Europe soon with fellow dummies, the Menzingers, and you can also catch them at Fest, Pouzza, or anywhere there is cheap beer and reliable wifi.