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Petal Head's Video for "Spooky Something" Is Not Very Spooky but Flaming Guitars Do Get Smashed

The Long Island shoegaze band is here to smash stuff.
November 13, 2015, 2:22pm

What with today being Friday the 13th and all, you might hope that Petal Head’s new video for “Spooky Something” is something spooky. But it’s not. Unless you find setting guitars on fire and smashing them against a wall in slow-mo spooky. Not us. We find it to be pretty sweet. If they ever made another Friday the 13th movie and it was just Jason smashing instruments for 90 minutes, we’d be pretty happy with it.

Petal Head is a three-piece shoegaze band from Long Island, NY. They recently put out an album called Raspberry Cough, which you can stream below while you light your own guitar on fire. Buy it at Dead Broke Rekerds (the album, not the soon-to-be flaming guitar).