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Lil Yachty and Quavo Trade Bars on the Infectious "No Hook"

"We made a song with no hook!"

You either get Lil Yachty or you don't. And that's cool. Everybody can't be down. Card carrying Boat Hive members will be delighted to know that he's already tossing out new music after releasing his debut mixtape Lil Boat, a spring breeze in mixtape form that delights as much as it confounds. Today we get a new Quavo collab called "No Hook," named after Yachty's gleeful midsong announcement that "We made a song with no hook!" In it, Yachty and Quavo trade bars over a delicate FKi production, passing off line after line of casually absurd boasts like it's nothing. It's so good it's offensive that it didn't make the tape. Stream "No Hook" below. (via)