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Listen To A Mix That Tycho Just Made Us

Scott Hansen is returning to Australia with a full band so we asked him to make us a mix. Why not?

Californian producer Tycho made us a mix to coincide with his return to Australia this summer for a number of shows including Falls Festival and Busselton’s Southbound Festival.

Featuring Jamie XX, Caribou’s “Silver” and his own remix of Spoon’s “Inside Out”, the mix, like much of Tycho's work on his new album Awake blends swirling melodies, vocal samples, tranquil moments and some challenging instrumentation.


Scott Hansen, the Sacramento producer and brains trust behind the Tycho sound, will be bringing a new live show with him to Australia so expect a slight stylistic shift but more of the same goodness.

Noisey: Thanks for the mix. Have you heard any other good mixes of late?
Scott Hansen: Phillip Jung from M.A.N.D.Y. played an amazing set at Robot Heart this year at Burning Man.

As well as Australia you are going to Asia. Have you played there before?
We played one show, a festival in Nagano, Japan last year. It was an incredible experience and the crowd was great. But it was a single show at a festival so I can't really speak to how the club dates are going to feel. I am really excited for those.

Playing Kuala Lumpar sounds a lot more exotic than Sacramento. Are you in Sac or SF at the moment? What are the pros and cons of living in the California capital?
I grew up outside of Sacramento but I've lived in San Francisco for the past 9 years. I lived in downtown Sacramento for several years in the early 2000s, played some of my first shows there. Around that time there was a great electronic music scene going on, we were all a pretty tight knit group of people doing similar stuff, it was a really inspiring time.

Do you take much notice of of the year end of year lists? What has been your faves of the year?
I don't generally tune in to a lot of that stuff as I'm always way behind on music but two standouts for me were Leon Vynehall's Music for the Uninvited and Mac DeMarco's Salad Days

Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds
Apparat - Arcadia
Tstewart - Untitled
Bonobo - Flashlight
Jamie XX - Girl
Dreams - Bloodsport
Howlings - Hearing Voices
Jai Paul - Jasmine
Dusty Brown - Hide No Signs
Caribou - Silver
Blackhall & Bookless - Kevins Spacey (Virginia Remix)
Dauwd - Moiety
Beacon - Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)
Spoon - Inside Out (Tycho Remix)

Catch Tycho in Australia this summer:
Dec 30 – Marion Bay at the Falls Festival
Dec 31 – Lorne at the Falls Festival
Jan 1 – Sydney at Field Day
Jan 2 – Byron Bay at Falls Festival
Jan 4 – Busselton at Southbound Festival
Jan 8 – Melbourne at the Hi Fi
Jan 10 – Sydney at the Hi Fi