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You Absolutely Must Watch KEN Mode's Stark, Sweaty New Video for "Absolutely Not"

Taken from a new split seven-inch with The Atlas Moth, "Absolutely Not" was recorded during the band's 'Success' sessions with Steve Albini.

The success of their latest album, Success, made it clear that KEN Mode is plenty compelling on record, but the Canadian noise rock-slash-post-hardcore trio still shines brightest onstage. Their trademark spastic physicality fills rooms with sweat, blood, and nervous energy, kicking up an impressively intimidating din and leaving trails of broken gear in their wake. A KEN Mode show is a warzone writ small, and you're never quite sure if the heaving, wild-eyed whirlwind of strings and teeth onstage is with you—or against you.

The band's new music video embarks upon the impossible task of capturing that unhinged chaos energy, and very nearly succeeds. Taken from a new split seven-inch with former tourmates and general lovable miscreants The Atlas Moth, "Absolutely Not" is a previously unreleased new tune recorded during the band's Success sessions with Steve Albini. It finds KEN Mode in peak fighting condition, their sharp, angular noise rock riffs jabbing and feinting through a thicket of distortion and warped, woozy melody, thrumming bass and Jesse Matthewson's jack-o-lantern snarl. Get stuck in.

Order the split from Init Records here, and check out the video for "Absolutely Not" below.