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STYLE RIDER: Highly Suspect Need to Keep Their Badass Rockstar Status with Blades and Skate Gear

Dope hats, dope knives.
February 13, 2016, 4:02pm

Photo via Highly Suspect

The guys of Highly Suspect are truly living the rockstar life. Nominated for a Grammy Award, the trio, comprised of Johnny Stevens Rich Meyer and Ryan Meyer, has brought their 90s-influenced grunge rock to the mainstream. The band is foul-mouthed, parties hard and isn’t afraid to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The trio has even garnered comparisons to Queens of The Stone age and Nirvana since releasing their debut album Mister Asylum last summer. Not too shabby for a group that started out as a cover band.


Ahead of this weekend’s Grammys, Highly Suspect shared what badass gear they need on the road to stay sharp and have fun.


Always gotta make sure you have fresh blades on any tour. They come in handy for just about everything from eating to opening boxes. And they're just fun. We stop at Cabellas on every tour and grab new blades.


This is an important kit. Life on the road is absolutely ridiculous at times, and I have to write the stories down. Maybe one day you'll get to read them. I document as much of the crazy shit as I can when I find a few minutes by myself in the hotel room.


​Deadburydead make the best t-shirts ever. They're ultra thin and soft, which helps on stage. I have three of this print alone. The only place I’ve ever found them is at a little shop called Decade in Pittsburgh, PA.


​We all skate, so it’s pretty essential to find shops that can set you up right. The homies at SorDboard in Woodland, California have it on lock. They’re definitely some of the friendliest dudes in the game that make sure your setup is custom tailored to your gnarliest needs.


Even grungy rock stars need to look and feel fresh once in awhile for those certain fleeky events. I love what you can do with a casual blazer, a good hat, and a dark set of shades. In this photo, I'm knocking ‘em over in a Topman Blazer, a Stetson from Goorin Bros., and the most obnoxious pair of Versace shades I could find.