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Full "Disclosure": This New Disclosure Song Called "Bang That" Is a Banger

Yeah baby!

In the UK, where Disclosure hail from, a certain kind of male known as a lad likes to get wankered (drunk) on the weekend. Lads will then survey whatever women are in sight and say things like, "I would bang that," which we can all agree is rude and icky.

Despite being British this is not at all what Disclosure are referencing here. The brothers aren't encouraging the wasted ogling of women, they're encouraging us to get the fuck down. This song is a titantic banger—especially when the beat and stuttered vocals drop at the 1.17 mark. A taster off their forthcoming second album, they've been playing it out for a while now.

It's high time a tune like this replaces "Latch" on radio stations nationwide.