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Stream the Mikey Young Remix of Black Cab’s ‘Victorious’

No it isn't the latest Lace Curtain single, but it sounds just as good.

Image: Tim Bell

Hazy kraut rock geniuses Black Cab have enlisted the help of fellow Melbourne genius Mikey Young on a remix of their track “Victorious”.

The remix of the track, that originally appeared on the acclaimed 2014 album Games of the XXI Olympiad, will be released on a limited edition single which will also include London-based producers Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay (Crimes of the Future) taking a stab at re-imagining “Polizei”.


Black Cab aren’t your typical band. Their 2004 debut Altamont Diary was a concept album based on the Rolling Stones’ ill-fated 1969 free concert at Altamont Speedway in California. Their last album was based on the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Young, best known for his work in Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control and Lace Curtain has also become an in demand producer. Most recently he worked was working on the soundtrack for the Australian film The Mule.

Black Cab launch the single:
June 13 – Sydney at the Red Rattler
July 17 – Melbourne at the Corner

Pre order the single here.