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Celebrate LA's Incredible Beat Scene and Listen to Zack Sekoff's Remix of Thundercat's "Them Changes"

Meet Zack Sekoff, the 19-year-old Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist who's made a name for himself in the LA beat scene and become pals with Thundercat.
October 1, 2015, 2:07pm

Photo courtesy of Zack Sekoff

The city of Los Angeles is a hotbed for many things: suicide-inducing traffic, Persian club promoters in boot cut jeans, Beverly Hills housewives with bad plastic surgery, and an endless supply of magnificent Mexican food to match the number of medicinal weed clinics. Yet while all of these things exist in the City of Angels, LA has also come to be known as a mecca for genre-bending electronic music thanks in part to Daddy Kev and his band of underground mavericks at Low End Theory. By now the weekly club has become something of musical folklore for helping elevate what was once seen as nerdy beat music into a worldwide phenomenon and staple at music festivals across the globe. Where the fuck else can you swing a three-dollar can of Boddington's pub ale next to Blake from Workaholics as Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt riff back and forth? Nowhere. Not anywhere else in LA. Not in New York. Not in London. Not in Paris. NOWHERE BUT LOW END THEORY.

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Enter Zack Sekoff, a 19-year-old Los Angeles talent birthed from that very same self-sustaining low end beat culture. Zack has quickly become a staple within the thriving electronic/soul/jazz renaissance and one of its inevitable breakout stars. As a youth he ran with late jazz great and icon Austin Peralta. His senior year of high school was spent juggling textbooks and late night sessions with Broke D'Leau of J* Davey. Simply put, the kid's got chops. Before leaving LA to attend Yale (yes, fucking YALE) he was last seen around city and cooking up music with Thundercat. Not bad company at all. While we all wait for Sekoff's album to arrive sometime in October, feel free to salivate all over your electronic and mobile device to his remix of Thundercat’s “Them Changes.” That boy good.

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