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The Selfie Files: Cut Snake

Aussie dance duo love surfing. And the selfie stick. And exclamation points.

Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley are Cut Snake, a duo who reside on Australia's Gold Coast which means that as well as creating housey tracks with hypnotic, liquid grooves (above), and banging out a bunch of tight remixes for the likes of Mikky Ekko, SBTRKT, and Chet Faker, they're also big into surfing. And partying. Basically they're the ideal candidates for The Selfie Files, but what we didn't realize is they appear to be selfie experts. Sometimes they even use a selfie stick. A couple of years ago Paul uploaded a video of himself shouting "Oi" at animals while attempting to take a selfie. Poor animals. Honestly, after going through these pics and their captions, we're not really sure how they have the concentration to sit down and make a tune. But then again, their flagship track is called "Face Down"—so we should have known. Props to Cut Snake.


Be warned, the pictures below contain a lot of tongue and a lot of gratuitous exclamation points.

The selfie stick had to come out for this one!!! Nothing better than being in Bali catching up with ya mates who ya haven’t seen in ages and getting right amongst it!!! That drink was our first but I’m pretty sure five drinks later this the selfie stick was snapped in half, Sedz [a.k.a. Cut Snake's Leigh Sedley] shorts were ripped off his body and he was nude for pretty much the whole afternoon…

This is when ya jump off a plane in new country and you and ya mate are way to excited that ya get absolutely fucked up and can’t remember how ya got home!!! But from what we got told I drove us home on our scooter. Haha. Who the fuck in their right minds would let us get on a motor bike and let us drive looking like that haha!!

Nothing like a good honest selfie shit to send to ya mates when they ask ya what ya doing!!! Dropping the kids off at the water park…

Pure STOKE is the word you use here!!! We had just finished our first ever festival set we were on a natural high when jesse rose come fanging by on a golf kart we decided to jump on and run wild around hard fest.

Fuck this was wild cause as we started playing this crazy storm came over with lighting and all sorts of shit going on. I remember the decks were just getting so soaked. I looked out and the crowd were just loving it. So we just kept cranking it by the end of the set it was like we had been swimming in the ocean!!! The Mexican fans are some of the best they didn’t give a shit and we love that!!!