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"I'm into Your Sickness": Watch Sälen's Oozy Video for "Diseasey"

If you can believe it, the best thing about this track isn't even that it's called "Diseasey." Sälen's debut video's a killer.

I only got through 30 seconds of this video before I knew I was going to have to watch it five times over. In a row. This song made some "viral" waves recently, which sounds gross, honestly, but is rather apropos because the tune is called "Diseasey." Thus far the London trio have only released one other song—the melty, marvelous pop of "IILWMBF" (a.k.a. "I'm in Love with My Best Friend")—a composition that, like "Diseasey," sounds fresh and tasty like a perfectly ripe, excellently juicy mango.


"I wanna say honestly / You need to let go of me / Why am I bed with you? / I'm into your sickness…" trills Ellie. Been there. Sometimes you just wanna go there. Denying yourself what's so pleasurable is tough. And boring. As for the video, it's super minimal and mainly features closeup's of Ellie with blush colored glitter goo oozing out of her, her mouth flushed like she ate way too many Jolly Ranchers. Or like she's been making out with someone with a penchant for berry balm. Her gaze is utterly unflinching.

And what do they have to say about it?

"Shoutout to my mum for the lyric 'bint' to describe the woman who my dad was cheating on her with."

Thanks Ellie. Bint really is such a good word.