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Get Electric and Weird with Episode 34 of Noisey on Beats 1

Tune in this weekend to learn about Neverland Clan's weird guy raps, and Club Cheval's cool-out electronics.

This week on Noisey on Beats 1, we're handing over the proverbial aux cord to two different artists who will be curating some awesome playlists for your ears. The two parties are Lomdon's art-rap boy band Neverland Clan, and the French electronic super group, Club Cheval. It'll be a remix spanning a whole globe.

Neverland Clan is a group that spans a variety of different styles and genres. The group delivers solid rhymes, but the backing production will be something strange and unexpected. It makes sense then, that their Beats 1 mix would also span different genres and artists. They give a healthy amount of their own material both solo and collectively, before delivering music from the dubby loudness of 808INK, the strange and uncomfortable sounds of Milkavelli, and the cool rhymes of Denzel Himself. The mix will open you to a whole cavalcade of wild new music to get excited about.


From there we'll talk to France's own electronic powerhouse, Club Cheval. The group is releasing their newest record Discipline, and will be taking us through the making of several of their tracks. Where the group excels is in their ability to create music that's multipurpose and faceted, meaning you can just as easily chill out and decompress to their music, as you could dance along with it. It'll be an awesome look that you won't want to miss.

It's going to be a packed weekend, so make sure you hang out with us right here on Saturday morning at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST and again on Sunday night at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST for our Noisey broadcast. Check out what we'll be bringing to you:

Neverland Clan Exclusive Mix:
Neverland - Follow Me
Omelet - Patrol Ride ft .Ryan Hawai
Neverland - Ignorant As Fuck
Daniel OG - Matter Of Fact
Milkavelli - Geekin Prod. Omelet
Daniel OG - Remedies ft. Omelet
Denzel Himself - Mister
Denzel Himself - State Your Claim
808INK - Grubble
808 Charmer - The Recovery ft. Ryan Hawaii
808INK - Driving Cut ft. Daniel OG
Neverland - Dire Straits

Club Cheval

Club Cheval - Nothing Can Stop Us
Club Cheval - Young Rich and Radical
Club Cheval - Discipline
Club Cheval - Screm (LIVE)
Brodinski - Follow Me ft. Georgi Kay, Bloody J, Canblaster & Myd