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Wolkoff's New Tune "The Homecoming" Is a Certain Kind of Magic

Joanie Wolkoff announces her debut solo record, 'Without Shame'—a compendium of compelling, wonderfully wonky, electro-pop.
February 15, 2016, 3:01pm

Brooklyn-based, Canadian electro-pop darling Wolkoff is a name we've been stalking for some time: first as Her Habits, and then as she morphed (in some cases quite literally) into a promising solo artist, owning last name like a don. Joanie Wolkoff dances like the music moves her and the music she makes is indeed moving. "The Homecoming"—premiering below—is a key track lifted from her forthcoming record Without Shame, a collection that "explores the stock shame holds in our lives." Sounds kind of dour, but knowing this wonderfully off-kilter artist as we do, this record will surely be packed with sonic weirdness of the ultimately uplifting variety.

Produced by young wiz kid Icarus Moth and mixed by Grammy winning engineer Ariel Borujow (wassup, he's worked with Madonna), "The Homecoming" is a nimble kind of (synth)pop, with a verse like a Siamese cat tip-toeing down stairs and a chorus that rushes straight into your heart, like giddy serotonin explosions that ricochet around your body during that first kiss.

"'The Homecoming,' like its neighboring jams on the LP, is as much about the choices we make in spite of shame as it is about the bets we hedge because of it," explains Wolkoff. "I wanted to lay down a vocal performance that'd coil in giddy, hungry-cat figure eights around the ankles of this epic discovery: a hidden detour tucked away between the leaps and bounds each of us makes on the way to declaring our cosmic turf and planting a flag there."

Down for all of this. Thanks Wolkoff.

Without Shame is out on 4.15.