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Champagne, Fireworks and Pamela Anderson: Welcome to the World of Miss Destiny

The Melbourne glam punkers have dropped their debut release on Chicago label Hozac.
September 9, 2014, 9:38am

Their label recommends them to fans of the Muffs, Circle Pit, The Raunchettes and Red Cross but another key indicator to the music of Miss Destiny would be the characters on their first two t-shirt designs- Axl Rose and Pammy Anderson.

Blonde, glam and larger than life ‘rawk’ is perhaps the best way to describe the sound of the Melbourne four-piece made up of two Harriets - Hudson (Southern Comfort/Circle Pit) and Stewart (School of Radiant Living), Annie Llewellyn and Brett Bevege. Or as they call themselves “three girls, one gay”.


“House of Wax”, their debut release on Chicago’s Hozac records is about the Paris Hilton film House of Wax, while B-side “The One” concerns the arrest and imprisonment of fashion luminaries Dolce & Gabbana for tax evasion.

The music pays tribute to the flashier groups of the past century and their debut video directed by good friend Angie Bermuda (Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune) has plenty of hair spray, lipstick and punk rock good times.

Like everything else they do they answered our questions as a band.

Noisey: The video features champagne, fake blood and fireworks. And that's the expensive champagne right?

Miss Destiny: We recently discovered a legit champagne at the Northcote Plaza Liquor Land and we thought it'd be rude for it not to make a cameo in the vid. Let's just say it's very competitively priced.

It looks like Harriet has had some dodgy dental surgery.

It's actually strawberry sauce, LOL. How scary does it look?

There are a some genitalia metaphors. Actually there is a lot of sexual metaphor/imagery here in general.

Like most things we do, the clip was a group effort and because we’re all sick in the head it didn't take long for the visuals to take a lewd direction. We started out by writing a massive list of ideas and then just mucked around on camera for a whole night. There just happened to be a pizza and a banana on the coffee table and someone was probably like "imagine if we did this", but then it ended up suiting the theme so we did.


What’s next for the band?

We're hitting the road to launch or debut 7-inch next week. We are also starting recording songs for our album this weekend and there's also a few upcoming top secret Destiny surprises - stay tuned!

“House of Wax” is out now on Hozac.

Share a Cherry Coke and vodka with Miss Destiny as they launch "House of Wax":

Sept 18 - Sydney with TV Colours, The Friendsters and Destiny 3000 at the Landsowne. Free show!

Sept 20 - Brisbane with Blank Realm, Martyr Privates and Thigh Master and Chardons Corner Hotel.

Sept 21 - Brisbane with Multiple Man, Concrete Lips at 4ZZZ carpark (afternoon show)

Oct 4 - Adelaide with the Friendsters and Toothace at the Metro

Oct 10 - Melbourne with Constant Mongrel, Power, Jonny Telafone at the John Curtin