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Hell Yes! It's the Premiere of Weezer's Video for "Back to the Shack"

Fly me to the moon…

Back in 1994 I clearly remember lining up at HMV, in Oxford, England, clutching my copy of the Blue Album and a small stash of cash I'd saved from Saturdays handing out flyers for the local record fair. I didn't know what Weezer would do to my teenage insides but within the first spin, the quartet of unassuming dudes had conquered my heart with their ginormous power-pop songs, nerd-tender lyrics, and the best use of a Big Muff in the history of ever. (Rivers—were you using a Big Muff? Do correct me if I'm wrong.)


Over the years my love for them has wavered, on occasion, but their music still has the power to press refresh on situations and feelings I thought I'd forgotten, like listening to "Across the Sea" makes me think about pining for that teenage penpal boyfriend: "WHY ARE YOU SO FAR AWAY FROM ME?" Except he wasn't across any exotic mass of water, he was just a couple hours away in Surrey. Rivers might just be the reason why I'm a sucker for boys with thick, horn-rimmed specs.

My point is, Weezer were wonderful way back when and this new record, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, out next week, is classic Rivers and co. Produced once again by Ric Ocasek (love you, The Cars), EWBAITE will make you want to have a party, throw your arms around you pals and shout till the windows rattle, the floors bow, and the neighbors bang down your door. (Check out "I've Had It Up to Here" in particular.)

Which leads us to the premiere of their video for "Back to the Shack." Are label budgets inexplicably really sweet right now because Weezer and director Warren Fu flew to the moon to shoot this sucker.

And speaking of Warren Fu—if you're not familiar with his visual back catalogue, get stuck in. The LA-based director cut his teeth on Star Wars (he created General Grievous) and he's a goddamn genius, masterminding the videos (and art) for Julian Casablancas, The Killers, and Haim. Oh and Daft Punk. That stage set up of theirs from the Grammys earlier this year? That came from his brain. Basically I would like to live in all the weird worlds that he designs.


And below are a bunch of exclusive behind the scenes shots of Weezer on the moon.

Kim loves Weezer always and forever. She's on Twitter - @theKTB