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Trans Upper Egypt's New Track "Mountains" Will Make You Forget the Impending Doom of Winter

Stream the band from Rome's latest song, and then move to Italy and eat pizza with us.
September 11, 2014, 8:42pm

It is officially the time of post-summer gloom, where the weather wants to hold on to the brightness of summer through thick humidity, passing dark clouds, and random bursts of chilly air. You want to keep the spunk of summer vibrating in your headphones with a peppy jam, but you find yourself questioning if it's time to put on your denim jacket and dive nose first into last year's fall playlist. Its confusing. It sucks. But Trans Upper Egypt is here for you.


Trans Upper Egypt is a psych four-piece hailing from Rome, Italy. Apparently there is a freak scene fostering in the east end of Rome, which makes us want to jump on a plane immediately and forever turn up for Italian psych-rock and pizza (because what else is there to live for, really?) Noisey is happy to premiere the band's new jam, "Mountains," a psych-trance dream that teleports you back to your summer road trip under the blazing sun getting torched by leather car seats. Mixing Black Angels vibes with a hypnotic bass-line and heavy reverb, Trans Upper Egypt's new track can transcend any seasonal playlist.