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You Can't Stop 'Til You Find My Love - A Valentine's Day YouTube Mix

Two ladies pick the best songs by ladies that prove that the ladies is freaks too.
February 14, 2013, 7:10pm

It’s Valentine’s Day, or, as we prefer to call it, National Doin’ It Day. To celebrate, we’ve put together a few of our favorite sex jams by women, from the raunchy to the sweet (but mostly the raunchy). Ladies is freaks too. Let us show you. –Lily Benson and Meaghan Garvey

01. SWV - "Downtown"

There was a time in our nation’s history when beloved R&B divas demanded oral sex in hockey jerseys while men did pushups in front of their crotches on the beach. Never forget. –LB


02. Adina Howard - "T-shirt & Panties"

Adina’s entire oeuvre is uncompromisingly nasty, from positioning herself as a barometer by which male freaks are to be measured in “Freak Like Me” to the more seductive “T-shirt & Panties” from her shelved sophomore album. Don’t forget the dope DJ Clue remix either, in which Cam’ron insists, paradoxically, that he is “nekkid with [his] boxers on.” –LB

03. Cherish - "Show And Tell"

Snap&b underdog princesses Cherish have deceptively sweet voices, so it's perpetually somewhat of a double-take moment when they ask you to bone them "like you're fresh out of jail." –MG

04. Tink - "Slide On Me"

While perhaps too R&B to comfortably fit into the Chicago Drill scene, Tink is Chicago's secret weapon; she's also insanely mature for 17 years old. Her totally slept-on Winter's Diary mixtape from last year is full of super-confessional youthful sex jams like this one about booty-calling dudes. –MG

05. tUnE-yArDs - "Powa"

This raw slow burner sees Merrill Garbus getting her Prince on and making one of the most emotionally real bedroom anthems I’ve ever heard: “I need you to press me down before my body flies away from me.” –LB

06. Kelly Rowland - "Need A Reason ft. Future & Bei Maejor"

This is basically my roster for my Fantasy Love Song team, coming together for the Think Like a Man soundtrack (which was actually incredibly ill, largely because it also features Future's "Motion Picture"). It's basically the anti-"Birthday Sex" in concept (Jeremih, you know I love you, but you probably should've been getting laid on a more regular basis in 2009). –MG


07. Katrina - "Six Eight"

Katrina is in the club, wants your d, and you're going to play by her rules (from one of the best label compilation series of all time, aka the three So So Def Bass All-Stars volumes from the late 90s). – MG

08. Rasheeda - "My Bubble Gum"

Rasheeda rightfully brags about embodying that near-impossible yin-yang of socially presentable young lady and super-fuckable bad bitch. More importantly: one of the best cunnilingus innuendos of the last decade. –MG

09. Spice - "Fix Me"

Female dancehall deejays are no strangers to “slackness” (i.e., raunchiness), or boss shit in general. Spice channels the indignation of a disappointing lay into some simple instructions for the fellas – listen up. –LB

10. Trina, Shawnna & Foxy Brown - "What's Your Fantasy (Remix)"

Ludacris’ original is a certified sex rap classic, but I’m partial to the ladies’ posse cut that is the remix, in which Trina tells you exactly what she needs (sidenote: it was a real challenge not to put more than one Trina song on this mix), Shawnna’s on the top of the projects getting head, and Foxy naturally just shuts the whole thing down. Don’t challenge me to rap the entire thing from memory, because I will, and then we'll both feel weird. –LB

11. Shanell - "Pay Me"

YMCMBenchwarmer Shanell's "Nobody's Bitch" mixtape from last summer is a tragically slept-on conceptual statement on the male gaze and women's role in the rap game. It also happens to be full of fun party music, self-assured baby-making jams, and best of all, bountiful dick jokes. –MG


12. Pink Dollaz - "Ahhh"

Lowkey the best rappers in the ratchet scene from a technical standpoint, Pink Dollaz do what they do best here—make really aggressive sexual advances at dudes that don't really know how to deal—with production from the Louis Dijon Don himself, DJ Mustard. –MG

13. Lady Saw - "Heels On"

One thing that dancehall sex jams are really unparalleled at is seamlessly bringing together the romantic and the nasty, the sublime and the profane—I mean, like sex, you know? Lady Saw, in particular, has always been a master of this art. There’s an official video, too, with Shaggy as the video vixen and some hilarious clean-version lyrics including “introduce me to your ding-dong.” –LB

14. Liz Phair - "Flower"

O.G. indie sex goddess Liz Phair perfectly sums up the ineffable hotness of kinda hating someone’s guts and still wanting to jump their bones. Speaking of hilarious clean versions, Emily Gould came up with a great one for this song (“I want to be your blow-pop queen”) in case you ever have to sing it in front of children. –LB

15. Electrik Red - "Devotion"

Our friendship could very well have been tested over choosing just which sex jam from Electrik Red’s brilliant How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1 to put on this mix, but our shared love for underrated R&B girl groups will always keep us together. The-Dream is one of the greatest to ever do it on his own, but occasionally his talents are best suited to a feminine touch. –MG & LB

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Lily Benson definitely didn't write this, she doesn't even know what sex is, Mom. She's on Twitter - @lilybenson

Meaghan Garvey is spending Valentine's Day brushing Riff Raff's hair. She, too, is on Twitter - @moneyworth