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Slonk Donkerson - "Watching Every Channel At Once" (Official Video) Exclusive Premiere

Slonk Donkerson: funny name, bitchin' music.
November 19, 2013, 6:37pm

Sometimes I just gotta shake my damn head when I hear the goofy band names kids are coming up with these days. But then sometimes I hear one so nutzo I gotta check it out. Such was the case with Brooklyn power-trio Slonk Donkerson. Slonk Donk, as I like to call them, are three smart-alecs recently busting out in the Brooklyn scene and while their hilarious name and penchant for 80's hard-rock chugging distortion sometimes reads as downright silliness, their lyrics and song-writing reveal a deep complexity and certain intelligence. Firmly set in the glorious '90s revivalist sound we've been enjoying, Slonk draw clear influence from such illustrious greats as REM, Husker Du, the Replacements, Sabbath, and Neil Young. They also claim to draw spiritual influences from things like “a doily stuck on a mirror with spit” and “strip clubs with laughing babies doused in oil with a blue tiger purring.” So yeah they hope you can take a joke.

Noisey isn't kidding however when we say we're seriously digging Slonk's debut video, "Watching Every Channel at Once." This Videodrome inspired fever-dream is soundtracked by a kicking but mournful break-up tune about that desperate need for distraction, any distraction, when trying to not even mend but just ignore or even tolerate a broken heart. It's these deep emotions playing out behind funny allusions to Mary Hartman and To Catch A Predator that perfectly encapsulate Slonk's penchant for turning humor into a trojan horse full of real feels. Peep the video above and if you're in the tri-state check out Slonk Donkerson's release party this friday at Muchmore's in Brooklyn. You can also order the new tape, a collection of 'greatest hits' from previous self-released LPs and demos, entitled Re-Runs from Last Place Tapes here.

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