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Playful Nazi Varg Vikernes Announces Tour with Mayhem, Ruins April Fools Day

The "Mystic Fantasy" tour will (not) feature Darkthrone's Fenriz on drums and features a very, uh, special discount code.
April 1, 2016, 4:04pm

Varg Vikerness is many things—a convicted murderer, a racist, an anti-Semite, a suspected terrorist, the proud creator of an incredibly nerdy fantasy role-playing game, and an occasional musician (perhaps you've heard of Burzum?). Today, he added another title to his skill set: master prankster.

Via his official Youtube channel, Thulean Perspective (fair warning, the rest of the channel is devoted to bigoted ramblings, more role-playing garbage, and dating advice for Aryan lovebirds), Vikernes announced an upcoming European tour with his old acquaintances in Norwegian black metal institution Mayhem. According to the trailer, Darkthrone's morbid mailman, Fenriz, will be filling in on drums for Burzum (which one imagines may come as a surprise to Fenriz).


The "Mystic Fantasy" tour promises to kick off in St. Petersburg in June and wrap on in London in August, with Burzum slated to headline—quite an exhaustive schedule for a band that's never, ever played live!

Exhibiting a shocking level of self-awareness, Vikernes also added a comment below the Youtube video advertising a special deal for his more race war-inclined fans, because if there's one thing the hellacious pseudo-holiday of April Fools needs, it's more white power lingo!

Watch the tour "trailer" here, and don't stress on getting tickets—I don't think this one's going to sell out anytime soon…