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Woah Rashida Jones Can Sing: Here's Boss Selection's "Flip and Rewind" Featuring Ms. Jones

The actress has teamed up with Boss Selection, a.k.a. producer Sunny Levine, on his new tune and it is dope.
October 20, 2015, 9:45pm

Uh. What? Rashida Jones! Can you not hog all the skills please. As well as being an excellent actress and documentarian (check out our interview with her regarding her porn doc here) now news has reached us that she can sing! Jeez. Way to make us all look one dimensional. The daughter of Quincy Jones has teamed up with Boss Selection, the new moniker of LA producer/recording artist Sunny Levine, and this new tune features her fine, fine vocals on a cut that's something of an era-less R&B jam. OK if we had to put an era on it it would be the 90s. No shame in that.

Boss Selection's album, Volume One, will be released on 12.8 and features Rashida, Pete Yorn, South African icon Hugh Masekela, R&B legend Brenda Russell, ORELIA, and a whole bunch more. Sweet company to be keeping.