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PREMIERE: Rich Homie Quan's New Song "The Most" Is Doing the Most of Everything Good

Produced by London on the Track, the latest song does the most in a good way and continues to prove that Quan won't stop going in.

It's been a good year for Rich Homie Quan. Back when we covered him in Noisey Atlanta, it was as one half of a duo with Young Thug. When that duo headed their separate ways might have left some people wondering if Quan had the juice to stand out on his own. But real heads know, of course, that Quan will never stop going in.

And so "Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)" became his highest charting solo single to date, and it even inspired its own spinoff single and viral dance. Oh, and Quan did it independently. How does that feel? He answers that question in his latest release, "The Most," produced by London on the Track: "I'm sittin here like fuck a deal 'cause it ain't even crossed my mind yetttttttttt."

The song covers a few other important themes, too, with Quan in his usual free-associative punchline mode traipsing through melodies and bouncing along on a springy beat that's a worthy sequel to "Flex" (although this is not technically his official follow-up single). "She don't like Atlanta so I flew her to the coast / she ain't like that Bentley so I bought that ho a Ghost" he sings in the hook before getting a little more introspective and less poppy on the final verse as he croons, "I know that I gotta feed my familyyyyyyyyy / no matter the circumstances you gotta keep them happyyyyyyy, yeah / when the money who there? / when the money who care? / nobody."

"The Most" is sweet, thoughtful, funky, fun, and a little dirty all at the same time, which is Quan's appeal in a nutshell. You might say it's doing the most, but in a good way. Check it out below:

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