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Watch Hundred Waters, Chance the Rapper, and Skrillex Team Up For an Intense Performance on 'The Late Show'

The pair were there to perform their remixed version of Hundred Water’s “Show Me Love.”
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Last night, Chance the Rapper, also known as one of the greatest living breathing rappers that exists on earth right now, showed up to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside musical polymath Skrillex and Florida band Hundred Waters to perform their remixed version of the band’s track “Show Me Love,” which was released earlier this year.

The original is a gorgeous song anyway, but Chance’s bars and occasional whoops into the mic make it twice as uplifting, and Skrillex’s guitar noodling mixed with the voices of the gospel choir make you feel like quitting your job and moving to the beach. There’s also a super cute bit around the 3:17 mark when they all put their arms around each other before Chance passes the mic to Skrillex to sing a line. It's emotional.

Watch it for yourself below and try not to shed a tear: