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TT the Artist's "Dig" Is the Sonic Equivalent of the Fire Emoji

The B'more babe straight kills it on this new track plus she announces her imminent debut LP 'Queen of the Beat.'

TT shot by Vintage Royal Photography

Baltimore's party-starting, good at giving back MC, TT the Artist bounces back into view today with the first cut from her forthcoming debut album, Queen of the Beat, produced by Miami-based producer Snappy Jit (a man who manipulates influences ranging from juke, soca, calypso, and Miami bass). So as you might imagine, before you even press play on this banger, premiering below, this song is the fire emoji in sonic form—which bodes well for her imminent album. As TT puts it: "Queen of the Beat is much like a chef’s masterpiece: all of the ingredients are artfully blended."


As for the song, she notes: "Today, the mainstream music industry is embracing dance music more and that opens doors for my music to be heard. 'Dig' is a fun, energetic record accompanied by a new dance that's inspired by Baltimore's evolving dance community!"

We've been championing TT since heading down to Baltimore back in 2014 and spending some time chilling with her and producer Mighty Mark. If you haven't acquainted yourself with "Pussy Ate"—DO SO STAT. You might also recognize her from Diplo and Swick's "Dat a Freak."

“This is an album that shows my growth and development as an artist," she adds. "My goal is to represent the innovation of women in hip-hop and deliver universal music."

Preach! Queen of the Beat is out this spring.