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JANK Is Back to Bling Out Your Weird Feelings with New EP 'Versace Summer'

Following in the footsteps of so many other DIY punk bands from Philadelphia, they’re here to commiserate with you about the weird feelings you developed over your summer crush.

Photo by Polo Itona

Meet one of your new favorite summertime bands, JANK. Matt Diamond, Ruben Polo, and Sam Becht make up this self-described weed pop DIY punk band from Philadelphia, and they're here just in time to commiserate with you about the weird feelings you developed over your summer crush.

If Awkward Pop Songs was JANK’s joke-cracking icebreaker, then Versace Summer is your fourth time hanging out with them, the point where things start to get less funny and more serious.

The album starts with the math-rock “weed pop” sound we’ve come to know and love from the Philadelphia band. From “Grim Reefer” to “#freesam” the album is a classic continuation of everything they established on ‘Awkward Pop Songs’: sparkling guitars reminiscent of American Football and syncopated breakdowns that define today’s emo. Then, enter “Gucci Spring,” essentially a jazz song featuring the ocean and a smooth saxophone-sounding melody guaranteed to make you chill as hell (and light a joint, which is definitely most likely what these guys intended to make you feel). The record closes with it's titular song, "Versace Summer." It has those sweet syncopations you expect from a band of their caliber and a glistening chorus that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

So go grab yourself a Bud Light Rita, hit play below, and ride the syncopated wave. You can check out more of their stuff on their Band Camp here while you wait for their album to come out on July 27.

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