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Snoop's Vid with Stevie and Pharrell for "California Roll" Is Set In a LA-Cairo Future World

Flying cars tho, can we make that happen already?

We've been waiting for Snoop's video for "California Roll"—lifted from his newly released LP BUSH—for a minute, curious to see how the union of Snoop, Pharrell, and Stevie would play out. Now the moment is finally, nearly, here. The full video doesn't drop till tomorrow but above is a teaser, which is just that—a massive, tantalizing tease. In this world everything is golden, LA is populated by giant pyramids, art deco Cadillacs cruise through the air, and Pharrell is sporting a kimono, cos, embrace it, kimonos are cool and P knows what's up. The film also boasts another star: Ms. Nia Long, who you probably had a crush on when she was in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Director Warren Fu had this to say about tackling this project: "Because it was three superstars I was aiming for 'event video' vibes. The kind of pop culture thing like when MJ would shut down prime time for his premieres. My initial concept was a spin on Star Tours. It was Pharrell's idea to make the LA futuristic-Egyptian hybrid, and Snoop's idea to make the actual ride take place in the 40s—which then takes them on a journey into the future.

"After the phone call my team was like: 'Oooookay. How the hell are we gonna do all this?"

And yet somehow here it is. Or rather here it will be tomorrow. In the meantime, you'll just have to keep watching this over and over and over.

In other news, anyone hungry for sushi?