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Check Out a Song from Every Time I Die's New Album

The long-running hardcore band gets in touch with their inner bro in their video for "Thirst." So sick.

Bro, did you know Every Time I Die are putting out a new album? So siiiiiick. It’s called From Parts Unknown and it’s out on July 1 from Epitaph. So sick, bro! They recorded it with Kurt Ballou—you know, the homie from Converge with the KILLER guitar riffs? So killer. More fast and chaotic than it is chuggy, it kinda sounds like Hot Damn! which rules so hard because that album ruled so hard. Still totally brings the mosh though. Hard.


They also put out this new video for “Thirst” with Noisey (a totally dope website btw, bro!) where two fellow bros are trying to get to an ETID house show. Oh man, can you imagine, bro? They played in my friend’s basement back in ‘04 and it was soooo rad. Check out the video below following the bros’ drunken journey to get totally amped for the show. Chuggin’ 40s, windmill kicking, these bros know how to have a good time. But do they ever make it to the show? You’ll have to stay tuned for part two.

In the meantime, get your pre-order on here and check out the video for "Thirst" below…

Woah, no hot pink?