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Here's Mega Bog's New Weird-Wonderful Track "Cologne In The Night"

In the UK "bog" is slang for toilet…

In the UK "bog" is slang for toilet. I wonder if Erin Birgy—the lady behind the music—realized she was calling her project an enormo-toilet. Probably. Her sensibilities seem delightfully skew-whiff.

When asked about the story behind her second single "Cologne In The Night" (premiering above) she replied: "Cologne is a clump of music made by the bathtub mind within trying to understand an urge for inappropriate, and idealized love and Soft Machine inspired drum fantasy after splitting yourself self (and worth) up in severe attempts to escape love pain and domestic responsibilities."

Like, whoa.

Backed by film noir brass—seemingly captured down a rainy alleyway—and gently reverbed minor chords, Birgy's spectral vocals are at once comforting like a cashmere blanket and discombulatingly strange. Not unlike catching the scent of someone that pulls you back to dimension you forgot. Well, now I'm just losing the plot. Maybe the title actually refers to the city in Germany! You should just listen to it and make up your own mind.

Mega Bog's album Gone Banana is out via Couple Skate Records on 9/23.

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