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Drake Just Gifted Us All with Three New Tracks

Drake shows us three different sides—which may or may not be from his upcoming album.

Drake is celebrating his 28th birthday this weekend in the best way possible: by gifting us with new music. Today, out of nowhere, Drake dropped three new tracks on his OVO blog. He comes out swanging with a Yeezy-like drawl on the first, "6 God"—which will presumably appear on his upcoming album Views From the 6—but, by the end is crooning like the Drake we all know and love. The second track, "How Bout Now," opens with a phone call à la "Marvin's Room" that sounds like it could have been left by Nicki MInaj. It also samples Jodeci's "My Heart Belongs to You." And, the third, "Heat of the Moment" is a live-for-today love song with a woozy groove where Drake sings, "Who are you gonna be when it's all over?/ I don't wanna think about that right now/ Heat of the moment." Listen to them below and throw up your prayer hands while we wait for Drizzy to announce the release date of Views From the 6.