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Kanye West Graded My Essay on "The College Dropout"

He wasn't very nice.
February 14, 2014, 7:40pm

Earlier this week, Kanye West's debut record, The College Dropout, turned 10 years old. This is important because over the past ten years, West has come to redefine all aspects of our culture, from music to fashion to ranting. To celebrate, we gave veteran writer Jeff Weiss the tough assignment of taking a college essay test on the record—graded by Kanye himself (or at least what we imagine Kanye would say about a college essay about The College Dropout).

Jeff Weiss is a writer based in Los Angeles. He co-authored a book on the rivalry of 2pac and Biggie, and runs his own website, Passion of the Weiss. Follow him on Twitter@Passionweiss