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Dark Horseplay at the My Little Pony Convention

In which 2013 nerd culture remains on some other shit.
July 22, 2013, 11:20pm

I don't understand nerds anymore. Like, one minute Adam Brody's reading comics in Newport beach and the next it's dudes in billowing raver pants giving each other "brohoofs" with the same hand they use to crank off while reading fanfic about aerodynamic horses 69ing. Now that's what I call Epic Win! For real, these Reddit-loving fedora-wearing meme-sharing-ass weirdos have me itching to hand out some well-deserved swirlies, but I've settled for the next best revenge—introducing you to this highlight reel from the 2013 My Little Pony Convention. *trollface*

Ezra Marcus fell off a horse once. He's on twitter—@ezra_marc