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Fresh From Premiering on the Radio Hear's Zak Abel's "Say Sumthin" (Produced by Kaytranada)

The Canadian production maestro goes in on Zak Abel's latest release.

Zak Abel must have been spending a lot of time on Soundcloud because his next EP release features production from the hugely in demand Tom Misch, Karma Kid, and on his latest track "Say Sumthin'", Kaytranada - who you'll no doubt remember from countless remixes of disco classics like Janet Jackson's "If" or his XL Recordings debut earlier last year. Like Zak's earlier releases - which saw him reach the upper echelon of music blog aggregating site The Hype Machine - "Say Somethin' will surely propel Zak even further into the stratosphere. It's slinky. He's got a good voice. It's danceable. Essentially: every box is ticked. So fresh from premiering on radio earlier, here's that track available in full. It's no doubt going to send Zak even further into the upper echelon of pop'n'production music.

Zak Abel plays London’s Oslo on 7th September alongside Bonkaz, Liam Bailey and Espa. Tickets here.